Lonely Tourist releases a new album, ‘Near Here’, via his Tourist Info label.

Available on CD or as a download, it’s the fifth long-player under that moniker, although recent projects from Paul Tierney include the pub-themed Plume of Feathers series.

Tierney describes the new release as “broadly on the theme of ‘Local’… the songs relate to people (real and imagined) that live locally and ordinary things that happen Near Here.”

The 11 tracks, including remastered versions of recent singles ‘Four Phone Calls‘ and ‘Please Don’t Walk Over Me’ as well as a re-recorded ‘Tom and the Library‘, cover both full band arrangements and more stripped back songs, with the majority recorded at Bob’s Basement in Bristol, and mixed by Jim Lang in Glasgow.

The pair, formerly bandmates in Odeon BeatClub, collaborated earlier this year, releasing a single, ‘Wow‘, under alias The Big Wow.

Jockrock says: “As with previous releases themed around pubs and jobs, Tierney takes seemingly mundane subject matter, and, with his considerable wit and songwriting nous, turns it into charming, infectious, folk-pop gold.”

More at www.facebook.com/lonelytouristmusic.