Lomond Campbell releases his debut album, ‘Black River Promise’, which is also the first release on the new Triassic Tusk label.

The nine-track opus is available as a clear vinyl album as well as on CD and download and follows up a debut solo EP from 2013, ‘Only A City Apart’.

However, for the uninitiated, Lomond is the artist formerly known as Ziggy, chief songwriter out of music/art collective FOUND.

The bulk of the release was recorded in a decrepit, asbestos-ridden school deep in the rural highlands of Scotland (which to be fair he had transformed into something a bit more conducive to electrical equipment before commencing work on the album)

However, ‘Fallen Stag’ and ‘Acharacle’ were recorded live in a 500 year old castle, along with the Pumpkinseeds, a 10 piece string ensemble assembled by cellist/arranger Pete Harvey (King Creosote, Modern Studies, The Leg).