Limo Cunningham releases a new album, ‘Short Cuts’.

The follows up to 2017’s ‘Ponderous Pish’ includes a version of single ‘International Friendly’, released last December.

The new album is well-named, given that its 37 (THIRTY SEVEN) tracks are in the main under two minutes in length, with their titles taking longer to read out loud – including ‘Song To Sing In The Event Of Scotland Qualifying For A World Cup’ and ‘Every Day I’m With You Baby I Get More Insane With Love And Now My Grin Is Growing Eyes Are Rolling Back In My Skull’.

Each CD is handmade and comes in unique packaging, and the contents promise 41 songs in 45 minutes, (so someone’s miscounted), “covering a wide range of styles and sounds, all tied together by one man’s ropey singing voice.”

Aside from Cunningham, who is responsible for the bulk of the music on the record, there are vocal and percussive contributions from Zoe and Quinn, all in the main recorded at The Temple of Broom, Leven – “except the field recording stuff”, we’re advised.

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