Limo Cunningham releases a new download-only single, ‘Thousands Wouldn’t’.

The 10-minute song comes with a similarly long ‘b-side’, ‘(Theme From) Dunted’,
with the lead track being the first to be taken from the forthcoming ‘Scenic Reutes’ album.

It follows up another two-track single, ‘What A Dunt’ / ‘Wauw‘ from last July.

Previously in 2020 the Fife-based solo recording artist had released two long-players – ‘Maybe Music‘, consisting of one single 40-minute track – and ‘Short Cuts‘, a 41-song effort which made #3 in Jockrock’s Albums of the Year list for 2020.

Of the new single – self-penned and recorded as ever in his The Temple of Broom studio in Leven – Cunningham says: “While I was making the ‘short cuts’ record some of the songs had started to grow extra verses and bridges & little bits that were pushing them into real-song territory & they were gnawing away at me, like come on man, don’t just make super-obscure micro-versions of us please for fucks sake.

“So this version of ‘thousands wouldn’t’ is one of the extended full length versions of ‘short cuts’ tracks that make up the ‘scenic routes’ album. If you are confused then I am not confused why, but I can’t explain it any better today.”

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