Limo Cunningham releases a new album entitled ‘maybe music’.

His latest opus follows February’s ‘Short Cuts‘ which consisted of 37 largely sub-two-minute songs.

Recorded at the Temple of Broom in Leven, the new effort is something of a contrast, consisting of one single 40-minute track, utilising a Rhodes and a tape loop.

Of the new release, Cunningham says: “When I was about 16 years old I spent two days trying to make a tape loop and ended up with a big pile of snapped cassettes and loads of tiny bits of tape superglued to my fingers for ages.

“It was an amazing experience because it cured me of ever wanting to make tape loops again.

“But then a few years later someone invented Youtube and a few years after that someone invented “related videos” on Youtube. Then a few years after that someone invented the coronavirus and it was only a matter of time until tape loops found a way into my life again.”

He adds: “I called it ‘maybe music’ because when I was recording it I was thinking ‘maybe this will turn out to be music, maybe it won’t’.”

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