Quite what qualifies a band as ‘Scottish’ is one for the pedants, or possibly the international football selectors. Round these parts (i.e. this website), if a band is worth hearing, we’ll find an excuse to feature them and spread the good sounds.
Happily, the Berlin-based Last Days of Elvis, with a brand new just released, are 50% ex-pat Scots.
And it may also be another happy coincidence that the quartet will visit Scotland 40 years since the passing of the King. Rock on…

Last Days of Elvis


Last Days of Elvis are Andrew Stark, Seán Gallen, Thomas Raysmith and Jason Greenberg.


We’re based in Berlin, but we’re a mix of Scottish, Irish/French, Australian and American. We’re like the set-up to a bad joke.


Right now! But, to be more specific, the band started with Andrew and Seán sending ideas back and forth between each other while Andrew was living in Glasgow and Seán in Berlin. Andrew then moved over to Berlin a year later and the two completed their first two EPs together. While the second release was being worked on they met Thomas and Jason and the band become whole, awww. We then finished up our first full length album, ‘Must Be A Mistake’, in July of this year.


Pretty much the whole recording/mixing/mastering process is done in our bedrooms, apart from the drums which we do in the studio. This makes for many a lonely night of wearing headphones and obsessing over the timbre of a shaker, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Polymorphous, bipolar guitar pop for the Anthropocene age. Or something that sounds a bit less annoying.


Because, why not?

The band play Leith Depot, Edinburgh on August 25th and then Macsorley’s in Glasgow the following night, along with fellow Berlin-based acts Party Fears and Mondo Fumatore.

More at www.facebook.com/lastdaysofelvis