Edinburgh-based Antifolk founder Lach releases a new single, ‘The Things You Think Of When You Kiss’.

The song from the ex-pat New Yorker – also writer/star of BBC Radio 4’s The Lach Chronicles – is a digital release exclusive to members of Lach’s Bandcamp Fan Club at www.lach.bandcamp.com.

Every two weeks members of The Lach Fan Club get a new exclusive Lach single (in any format from high-quality FLAC to MP3) plus artwork and a Wentworth cartoon by Lach as a free download and stream.

In addition, fans get all of Lach’s albums immediately upon sign-up.

Lach says, “In the current ill wind of artists controlling the rights to their works, I’ve found the Bandcamp subscription model works best for me. Ever since being jealous as a kid of David Cassidy’s fan club, it’s a thrill to finally have one of my own. It feels like a secret society, like music has value and a point to it once again. There’s a direct connection to my fans that would otherwise get lost in the world of iTunes and Spotify-type delivery systems.”