Japanese electronic maverick Kota Motomura releases ‘New Experience’ EP (12″ & stream) via Edinburgh’s Hobbes Music label.

The brand new signing for the imprint is from Tokyo, aged 36 years old, but apart from that is a slightly mysterious character who produces exotica and jazz via house and techno, but is, Hobbes suggests, “best described as ‘Balearic’.”

Motomura had an international underground hit with ‘Web Of Intrigue’, which came from Leonidas & Hobbes’ last EP, ‘The Rags Of Time’. The Japanese musician intereste dthe label with his demos, with Hobbes already having an interest in Japanese culture, following a couple of Far Eastern DJing tours. The label commissioned Japanese artist Sayori Wada to create the sleeve for the new album.

The Japanese musician has released one 12″ previously via King Kung Foo Records, and the new release is similarly available on vinyl.

There are four tracks on what is available as a 12″ – ‘Aboy’, ‘Yes’, ‘Stars’ and, ‘Cry Baby’, while the download version comes with bonus tracks ‘Satellites’ and ‘Return’.

As well as Kota Motomuraey taking up keyboard and programming duties the EP also features Mutsumi Takeuchi on saxes and vocalist Sawako Yanagida.

Motomura started playing the keyboard at 14 and studied Solfege under the tutelage of Master Masahiko Muraoka, before winning the Grand prize (Dance Category) in Sound & Recording magazine’s ‘KEN ISHII×MySpace KEN ISHII 15TH ANNIVERSARY Collaboration’ contest, an event for the 15th anniversary of Ken Ishii’s debut.