Kobra Audio Labs release a C50 cassette, Two Blue Towers, on their own Dumb Hero label. The 5th K.A.L. album consists of 2 x 25 (ish) minute tunes, the title track and ‘Wishae Psychadelic’.
The cassette, mastered by Bob Macc at Subvert Central, is limited to 50 copies and comes in a ‘Brad Pack’ box from Stumptown Printers with original artwork by Mark Scanlan, each box hand stamped & painted, and accompanying the cassette is a CD-R with digital versions of both tracks plus bonus K.A.L. music, plus mix CD of the music which influenced Kobra Audio Labs while making the album, complete with artwork & liner notes.
The two cassette tracks are also available as downloads, at www.kobra-audio.co.uk