Kid Canaveral release their third album, ‘Faulty Inner Dialogue’, on Lost Map Records.

Available on vinyl and as a digital download, it’s the third long-player from the Fife foursome – David MacGregor (lead vocals, guitars), Kate Lazda (guitars, vocals, synth), Scott McMaster (drums), Rose McConnachie (bass, vocals) and newest member Michael Craig (keys, laptop).

The 12-track release follows up 2010’s debut ‘Shouting At Wildlife, and sophomore effort and SAY-nominated ‘Now That You Are A Dancer’.

Including the single ‘First We Take Dumbarton’ (video below), the tracklisting reads:

1. Gun Fhaireachdain
2. First We Take Dumbarton
3. Tragic Satellite
4. Ten Milligrams
5. Callous Parting Gift
6. Pale White Flower

7. Lifelong Crisis Of Confidence
8. Listen To Me
9. From Your Bright Room
10. Twenty Milligrams
11. Lives Never Lived
12. Reel

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