A tad late, but this short list of recommendations still covers the best of the week’s shows, given that most of them seem to come at the weekend anyway. So no harm done, eh?

First, young lovers, Kid Canaveral show us some love on Valentine’s night (Friday 14th) at Glasgow’s Stereo as they launch their single ‘Who Would Want to be Loved?’ – which comes on heart-shaped pink vinyl! And Malcolm Middleton, and Randolph’s Leap are also on the bill.

In Aberdeen, just as loved up we’re sure are Root System, who will be at Cafe Drummonds.

Cry Parrot bring the noise (literally) to Dundee with some support from PRS New Music for Cam Deas and Usurper, at Dundee Contemporary Arts on Friday night.

Also on Friday 14th, Esperanza make their first appearance since the Clutha Bar helicopter tragedy, with a set at The Arches.

On that note, the big show on Saturday is the Clutha benefit at the Barrowland, with Big Country, Frightened Rabbit, Alabama 3 and the Primevals among others.
Also in Glasgow, Zoviet France are at the Art School, while elsewhere on Saturday, Friends in America hit Fife with a show at PJ Molloys, while in Perth, The Winter Tradition have a show at Twa Tams.

More experimental and improv-oriented fun on Saturday at Rhubaba Gallery and Studios, on Arthur Street in Edinburgh – NB, an afternoon (1.30pm) show, with as far as well can tell, members of Usurper and Blood Stereo, plus Tina Krekels and Grant Smith (er, Muscletusk, I think)

Last of all, on Sunday, the John Knox Sex Club are at Mad Hatters, while Embrace play Ironworks (and yes, there are no shows anywhere apart from in Inverness).
ooh, apart from a free show at Edinburgh’s Voodoo Rooms by Seafieldroad – aka Andrew Eaton of Swimmer One in solo mode – test driving new album The Winter of 88.