Kettle of Kites release their second album, ‘Arrows’, via Nadir Music.

The multi-national quartet are the brainchild of chief lyricist and frontman Tom Stearn, formerly of Admiral Fallow.

The nine-track opus is inspired by the sci-fi works of Isaac Asimov, and follows up debut release ‘Loan’, from 2015.

The band’s debut was more of a solo effort of Stearn, whereas the new lineup, a four-piece, is composed of members hailing from Scotland, England, Belgium and Italy.

Joining Scotsman Strearn in the band’s new lineup are Genoa’s Pietro Martinelli (bass), Brussels-based Marco Giongrandi (guitar) and London-based drummer Riccardo Chiaberta.

Recorded by Emi Cioncoloni at ‘El Fish’ Studio in Genoa, Italy the album’s international feel was further enhanced by being further mixed and mastered by Nick Huggins and Ben TD at the A Pocket Full of Stones studio in Melbourne, Australia.

Of the album’s lead single ‘Orchid’, Stearn said: “In much of the science fiction works of Isaac Asimov the creation of a parallel universe set in the future serves as a tool to explore forward thinking ideas but also to focus our attention on our present.

“‘Orchid’ is set between present and possible future, reality and fiction, and is the song from ‘Arrows’ which is closest to our own current reality and is set in the moment when humanity is forced to abandon earth, now polluted and uninhabitable because of radioactive substances.”

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