‘Traditional’ music (and we used the term advisedly) has at times got itself a bad press, but the stereotype of beards and jumpers was somehow overlooked by the blend of authenticity and modernity offered by the good ‘folk’ of Anstruther.

And then rather spoiled by the faux-folk of Mumford and Sons and Pals.

Far removed from both these disparate scenes, not least geographically, are JR Green. Picked up in 2015 by Hits The Fan Records (discoverers of Frightened Rabbit and Kathryn Joseph) they have received plaudits from across the country and the musical spectrum, and are now set to take bigger steps. So, about time we knew a little more about the brothers Green…

JR Green


JR Green is myself Jacob and my brother Rory. Always accompanied by our mentor and dear friend Joe ‘Top Cunt’ McAlinden.


We live in The People’s Independent Republic of Strontian. A truly magical place.


We are brothers, so playing music together was just something that happened naturally, but it wasn’t till we were both in our teens that we had similar interests in music and similar ideas of the kind of music we wanted to make. We’ve been writing songs together since then but we’ve only really been writing/playing as JR Green for the past three years or so.


We record all our records in the wee village hall near Joe’s house. With some help from Joe’s mate Disco Dave we always manage to produce something that we are all happy with as well as having a total fucking hoot at the same time.


I never really feel comfortable trying to describe our music. I worry that calling it something shite like ‘indie-folk’ or ‘folk-pop’ will just alienate so many people as everyone’s understanding of every genre is different. Not that we’re aiming to please everyone but who really gives a fuck what genre something they enjoy is? If they enjoy it, then they’re going to enjoy it regardless of how it labels itself. So what I would say is just to listen to it. And if you like it then great. But if you don’t, you don’t.


From an early age all I really wanted to do was travel round playing in a band with my brother but to be honest I don’t think I was too bothered about what I played, I just wanted to be in a band with my best friend. Obviously as we got older we’ve become more critical of the music we listened to/created when we were younger and therefore get less fulfilment from it. I think we also have a better understanding of our own songwriting and the reasons behind it. So nowadays I think we both just want to create something that is truly significant, that we truly enjoy, and that we are truly proud of.

‘Technicolour Native’ is out now. The band play at Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival which is on Aug 3rd-5th.

More at www.jrgreenmusic.co.uk