Josh Thorpe releases a new album ‘Love & Weather’, via Unusual Music Exchange.

The available to download via Bandcamp (and is also available to stream).

In his earlier years Thorpe, who has lived in Toronto and now resides in Glasgow, studied experimental music with James Tenney, who was a student of John Cage

The six tracks from the Scots-based Canadian span over 35 minutes, and include recent single ‘Down To The Ground’.

“What I like about ‘Down To The Ground’,” Thorpe confesses, “is its texture and vibe. Also a feeling of intimacy with the material world. Typical of this band, the song brings discordant and sweet, polished and unpolished, into play together. It’s a kind of love song where love is thought of as a confluence of strange and specific forces.”

Thorpe is a visual artist who has made psychedelic installations of threads, balloons, and “a big public work of flags flying with stupid drawings on them”.

The cover image of ‘Love & Weather’ was taken by artist Angelica Mesiti, of Mathew McWilliams, who also shot the video for album track ‘Down to the Ground’, a view of Paris lockdown with humour and delight.

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