Joe Nisbet Jr releases a single, ‘Judge Not’, on KFM Records.

His first self-penned song, it’s also his first output since 2013’s album ‘The Gospel According to Mr Niz’.

Nisbet – a guitarist who has worked for everyone from The Proclaimers to Lau and from Justin Currie to Dick Gaughan – had previously toured the USA with his father (Joe Sr), an evangelical preacher.

Speaking of the new recording, produced along with Brian McNeil at Bert’s in Glen Lyon and Rocket Science Glasgow, Nisbet said: “Given the nature of the lyric, I knew the song had to be urgent and honest, so we recorded it very quickly and very live with a group of good friends who just happen to be brilliant musicians – they contributed a level of personality and attitude that you don’t often get in the studio – and I think that comes across – although it sounds like a badly behaved gospel meeting in a New Orleans hip-hop club, it’s actually a punk record at heart.”

The musicians include drummer Sian Monaghan, bassist Nico Bruce, Neil Weir on trumpet, guitarists Bert Bertram and harmonium from Andy May – who provides additional vocals along with Weir, Bert Bertram, and old friend Justin Currie.