Jigsawtiger releases a debut single, ‘Bones’ as a digital download.

The track comes ahead of the Glasgow-based producer’s debut EP, ‘VOIDS’, due for release in January 2021.

The electronic musician wrote, recorded and produced her new material in her living room studio, using a mixture of Ableton software instruments, loops and live instruments,

Jigsawtiger first began writing songs in her teens and has been involved in the independent music scene as a performer, DJ and band manager. After taking a break from music to work in theatre, a major life event led her back to music, adopting her performance and recording moniker in 2018.

Since then she has self-hosted various livestream projects including One Week Songs, Sunday Sessions and Vinyl Stories on her social media channels, leading to spots on club nights at BAAD and Jaiva and performances with online streams including 432 Presents’ Any Minute Now, Propre & Clean, and You Call That Radio as well as becoming part of DJ collective, Disclaimer and contributing DJ mixes to Groove City Radio and Clyde Built Radio shows.

“’Bones’ is about baring your soul and not knowing if it is enough to reach your goal,” she says of the single.

“Realising that you are never the only one is something that can be freeing or debilitating. This song came out a situation where I had to find the courage to be vulnerable and ask for what I needed, even though there was a risk it would not go in my favour.”

‘Bones’ is available to download or jkbchf“>stream now – more at www.jigsawtiger.com. / www.facebook.com/jigsawtiger.