Jan the Man releases a four-track EP, entitled ‘Extended Play 3’, via Chute Records.

As per ‘Extended Play 1‘ and, yes, ‘Extended Play 2‘, it’s the work of Spare Snare frontman Jan Burnett, who has previously recorded several side projects, most notably a series of multi-member collaborative efforts under the Grand Gestures banner.

However, the Jan the Man series – of which there should be one more instalment – is, as the name suggests, a completely solo effort, the four instrumentals being digitally home-recorded during lockdown on a 16 track Yamaha AW16G.

The four tunes – ‘Keepie Up’, ‘Cough Cough’, ‘Private Ambulance’ and ‘Dirty Little Fuckers’ – are available to download, as well as as a limited CDR with hand printed, numbered sleeve and two photographic prints.

There’s also an ultra-limited, one-sided numbered cassette (which may well be sold out by the time you read this).

More at jantheman.bandcamp.com.