Scottish soul-funk combo James Brown Is Annie release a single, Stand ‘X’.

It’s the first track to come from their forthcoming album ‘JBiA II’.

The track is produced, like the album, by Average White Band legend, Hamish Stuart, who selected the tune, written by band guitarist, Barry Gordon, as the album’s first release.

Stuart, who performed with The Paul McCartney Band for five years, and who has worked with everyone from Chaka Khan and Aretha Franklin, to Quincy Jones and Diana Ross, said: “It’s a great record, really musical, and shows the best qualities of the group. I’d describe it as modern rhythm ‘n’ blues, because that’s where everything in it comes from. It’s got a bit of disco in there and some jazzy elements, too – it all works a treat.”

Meanwhile, JBiA’s second album (also produced by Hamish Stuart) will be released on Friday 14 September.

The band – Aki Remally, Barry Gordon, Brett Allan, Davide Rinaldi, Eddie Miller, and Jonny White – play Leith Theatre as part of the Hidden Door Festival in Edinburgh on Friday 1 Jun. A nationwide tour is planned for autumn 2018.

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