Scots musical legend Jackie Leven has his career celebrated in a new compilation album ‘Straight Outta Caledonia’.

Described as his first commercially available “Greatest Hits” compilation, the release comes from Night School Records – run by Michael Kasparis who, as well as recording as Apostille, is also part of the team at Monorail in Glasgow.

The 10-track release – subtitled ‘The Songs of Jackie Leven’ – is released as part of Night School’s archive offshoot School Daze imprint, and is available to stream or download as well as on CD and limited edition vinyl.

Among the ten tracks on the new release is ‘The Sexual Loneliness Of Jesus Christ,’ produced by Pere Ubu’s David Thomas, and incorporating samples of unemployed workers in Glasgow following the closing of the Clyde shipyards.

Leven still has a dedicated group of international fans including Sex Pistol Glen Matlock, as well as musicians James Yorkston and Molly Nilsson.

Among Leven’s non-musical acolytes is novelist Ian Rankin, who said of the singer: “I think he is one of the most astonishing lyricists Scotland has ever produced, and in his latter years he was a true troubadour, a balladeer of sad, unsettling and uplifting songs, songs that blossom and bear fruit as you listen to them.”

The Kirkcaldy musician began making psychedelic, progressive music in the late 60s and recorded more than 30 albums in his lifetime including four with Doll by Doll as well as several recorded under aliases such as John St Field and Sir Vincent Lone to avoid record contract restrictions. He would also play house shows, often spoken word events, in Europe after or instead of official concerts.

Leven was also renowned for his multi-octave vocal, which was damaged during a serious assault in Fife. He passed away aged 61 in 2011.

‘Straight Outta Caledonia’ is out on 23rd July 2021 via Night School (School Daze).

1. The Sexual Loneliness of Jesus Christ
2. Straight Outta Caledonia
3. Heartsick Land
4. Irresistible Romance
5. Live or Die
6. Some Ancient Misty Morning
7. Snow in Central Park
8. Poortoun
9. Dagenham Dream
10. Single Father

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