Jack Hinks releases a new single, ‘Plastercast’.

It’s the Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter’s first release of 2021 following ‘Los Angeles‘ last July, and is available to download

Recorded and engineered by Garry Boyle at Slate Room Studios, ‘Plastercast’ saw Hinks joined by Fiona Liddell on violin and vocals, Ben Lobban on keyboard, bassist Niall Rae, and David Hill on drums.

The song comes from a self-imposed regimen which saw him writing a song representing each stage of grief. Starting with ‘Jigsaw’ which focused on “acceptance”, ‘Plastercast’ looks at “anger” and delves into frustration, abandonment, and redemption.

As well as his own singer-songwriting Hinks works as an engineer and producer with two recent releases by Calum Baird to his credit including the Falkirk-based musician’s recent singles ‘The Stones of Tomorrow‘ and ‘Modern Man‘.

More at www.jackhinks.co.uk / www.facebook.com/jackhinksmusic.