Jack Hinks releases an acoustic single ‘Los Angeles’
– available on iTunes and Spotify.

The Edinburgh-based singer-songwriter and guitarist previously released a multidisciplinary project, ‘Fabric’, as well as singles, ‘Retail’ and ‘Jigsaw’.

On the new track, on which he plays guitar and sings, he is joined by Fiona Liddell on violin and vocals.

As well as his own material, Hinks works as an engineer and producer and worked on the last two releases by Calum Baird including the Falkirk-based musician’s recent single, ‘The Stones of Tomorrow‘ and from last autumn, ‘Modern Man‘.

Of his own new single, Hinks says: “Los Angeles is an exploration of society and sustainability. During my first time in the United States, I was baffled by the sheer scale of everything around me. I felt somehow alienated and alone in one of the world’s
largest cultural and creative epicentres.

“The global pandemic and halt to industry have left me wondering how the world will grieve or celebrate what we usually take for granted, but also how we will lay the foundations for a more conscious and sustainable future given the opportunity. This then gained an added depth, considering the latest wave of protests and activism against racism and systemic injustice.

More at www.jackhinks.co.uk / www.facebook.com/jackhinksmusic.