Edinburgh-based quartet Iglomat have just released second album, Super Complication , on the KFM label.

As a introduction to the band we ask them to introduce themselves – casually – in their own words… on this occasion, it’s the member that’s also the record label head honcho – Scott Macdonald…


Iglomat are:
David Jack – Edinburgh
Scott Macdonald – Edinburgh
Sandy Carson – Austin
Matt Alsberg – Los Angeles

Iglomat is very organic, we all do a little bit of everything, which is probably the main reasons we enjoy it and that it works so well… That being said David and Matt are the most experienced producers with David looking after the mixes most of the time.. and on this album sequencing almost all of the drums. We all play guitar and keyboards and various other instruments which gets very confusing as to who played which parts on what tracks. But again that’s kind of the point and hopefully the best parts for each tune come to the surface.


Sandy was definitely the driving force in the beginning. He would send me over guitar parts from Austin and John Pankowiak and I would put them together in the old Penpushers studio in Edinburgh. That was 07 ish and the first tune we finished was Federal, complete with dried pasta drum kit.. Neo War came soon after that with John doing the only vocal part we’ve ever had on an Iglomat tune. Ive asked him to do more but for reasons I’ve never really understood he flatly refuses! He’s still one of our best pals though so maybe I’ll persuade him one day..
David and I have been friends for a long time and he joined a bit after that. I’m not sure exactly how it solidified but it was very natural and over a period of time we moved over to his studio and started to produce tunes as a more organised three piece. Matt is the Antimc and I first met him 10 years ago when he was in the UK on a Mush records tour with Boom Bip. We’ve always got on really well and a couple of years ago he asked if he could be involved in Iglomat and we were happy to have him. Now we are four.


Iglomat is a true creation of the digital age and we only exist because of the internet. It allows us to record music with the people that we want to record music with, no matter where they live.

I don’t think that you really write music, all the possible melodies are there in the ether, you just have to discover them.. It’s almost like gold fever and just as addictive…There are only a handful of people over the decades who have had the ability to pull gems out of the bedrock time and time again and if we manage to get just one true classic I’d be content… There’s 13 tracks on the new album and it’s not for me to say but just maybe there’s one or two rough diamonds on there.. On more than one occasion we’ve been described in reviews as somewhere between Mogwai and Boards of Canada and as far as I’m concerned that’s not bad company…


We certainly don’t make music for the fame or the money, we’ve all been in lots of bands over the years and we’re way past chasing that rainbow. We do it because we love it and creating music that you believe in is one of the few things that makes life worth living.

Super Complication is out now on KFM.

More info, including music, at iglomat.bandcamp.com

Here’s the video for the MTV-playlisted ‘Dial Wookie’, taken from the debut album