IDKID self-release a new single, ‘Sensei Tree’.

The new track, accompanied by B-side ‘Jalapeno Peppers’, is taken from the trio’s debut album ‘I Eat Cars Like You For Breakfast And There’s Nothing You Can Do About It’, out last autumn.

The punk rock three-piece, from Glasgow and Edinburgh, previously released debut EP ‘Red and Blue’ in summer 2016, followed by single ‘Deadly’ around a year later.

Both tracks from Johnny and Bobby McLaren and Hooligan Sadikson are available to stream on Spotify and download from Amazon

Next gig from the band will be at Vegan Connections at Glasgow’s Old Hairdressers on Sunday July 7th with Acid Cannibals and Bratakus also on the bill.

Jockrock says: “Yes, it’s punk rock, careering along at a fair old pace, but there’s a massive pop side to this single – toes will pap, heads will nod, and ever-expanding audiences will sing along till their lungs burst”.

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