Only Monday, and we can hardly wait until the weekend (to paraphrase Dave Edmunds).
That’s because things are a bit slack on the gig front at the start of the week (unless we missed something, bands should fill in the box below).

Though Tuesday sees an apparently revitalised and better-dressed Kevin Rowland bring Dexy’s (sans Midnight Runners, it seems) to Edinburgh’s Queen’s Hall.

The Mouse That Ate The Cat, who we never tire of telling you are half-Dykeenie and half Drive-by Argument, are at Glasgow’s Flat 0/1, on Wednesday – they’re also at Tunnels in Aberdeen on Friday.

On the same night and the same city, Karine Polwart is at Oran Mor – will the Iain Cook production sound carry across into the live arena? Only one way to find out…

It seems that Dundonian’s angular rockers Pensioner are no more, it’s not clear if this is to allow more time to be spent on wriitng comedy song titles for Fat Goth, but the three piece (er, that’s Fat Goth, not Pensioner, who have split, try and keep up) who also number former members of Alamos and Laeto in their ranks, will be at Duke’s Corner in thir native city on Thursday 20th.

Stanley Odd promote their new album Reject this week (see interview etc). They’re at Glasgow’s Stereo on Thu 20th, then the hometown launch at Edinburgh’s Liquid Room on Sat 21st, and then they make the trip to Ironworks in Inverness on Sunday night.

Friday sees the week really get busy – another blast from the past, Fife act Singleskin, play a hometown show in the Kingdom on Friday, at Dunfermline’s PJ Molloy’s. Ah, we can recall their releases on Kirkcaldy’s Path Records getting on for 10 years ago… wonder what’s prompted them to get together again? Must be for the money, we guess!

Anothe Fifer, James Yorkston, is at Edinburgh’s Queen’s Hall on Friday, promoting (we assume) his 7th album, I Was a Cat From a Book which is out now on Domino.

And all-grrl, Embra/NZ duo Honeyblood are listed in playing Glasgow’s Ashton Lane on Saturday – what, all of it? Well, it’s not that long a street, I guess you can just go along and listen for a sound that’s loud and punky. (Edit: actually, this is part of the Aahton Weekender, as previously reported here)
Speaking of which, Ex-Wives – similar setup but with a drum machine and more swearing – are at the 13th Note in Glasgow on the 22nd.

And Marc Almond will entertain you on Sunday – he’s at Glasgow’s O2 ABC, and he’s doing The Hits – last time he was mainly doing covers, but this should be a full-on 80s revival (6 days before he plays in Edinburgh’s Picturehouse, wonder what he’s doing inbetween times?)