More of a casual reintroduction this week, as Edinburgh four-piece Homework are about to pick up their jotters, so to speak, after 18 months on sabbatical. It’s actually unclear what they’ve been up to, but we can only assume honing their craft, that and shopping for vintage 80s synths to bolster their sound.
The half-dozen tunes on the forthcoming EP, ‘All That Glitters’, veer excitingly between danceable pop and more experimental sounds but with a catchy hook never more than a few bars away.
Messrs Kass, Baird, Kass & Dennis recorded the new tunes at The Depot – the studio at Edinburgh’s Granton Lighthouse Complex in Edinburgh – and will make it available as a download from November 21st.
However, you can hear a trailer from it below – and, a rather attractively-packaged (and highly limited) handmade CD will be on sale at the launch show on November 18th, at Sneaky Pete’s.

Talk Down by wearehomework