HiFi Sean has started the New Year with a free download of a recent collaboration with Ralphi Rosario, ‘Lost Without U’, featuring Paris Grey.

The unreleased remix of the track follows up the former Soup Dragon / Hi Fidelity man’s foray into dance and house music, which reached a wide audience with his 2016 album ‘Ft.’.

That long-player included collaborations with a range of musicians including David Ball, Billie Ray Martin, Alan Vega, Bootsy Collins, Yoko Ono and Norman Blake, as well as Paris Grey.

Also on that 13-track release was a song with David McAlmont, and the pair will collaborate further in 2020 – with a new project, McHifi.

    And there’s also a download of a dub version of the tune.

    More at www.facebook.com/hifisean