The Hectors Collectors and The Plimptons have joined forces with a host of familiar (to some) names to pay tribute to indie troubadour MJ Hibbett.
The compilation, It Only Works Because You’re Hibbett, features 17 tunes including covers by the likes of Keith Top Of The Pops, The Frankie Machine, Chris T-T and The Fighting Cocks.
The album is available as a limited edition CD, or as a download with all download proceeds going to Hillside Animal Sanctuary.

Hibbett is a regular gigging visitor to Scotland (ever since journeying to Glasgow sometime in the mid-90s to see Belle and Sebastian at the QM with members of the uk-indie mailgroup… that’s a whole other story) and has played at the Edinburgh Fringe several times in past years, staging musicals Dinosaur Planet and Moon Horse.
You can catch his latest musical extravaganza, Total Hero Team, at The Dram House (formerly GRV) in Edinburgh from Saturday 3 – Saturday 17 August, at 6pm, as part of the PBH Free Fringe.