Herschel 36 release their debut album ‘Astrophysik’.

On Lickety-Splat Music, the release is the soundtrack to 1925 German silent film, ‘Wunder Der Schöpfung’ (‘Wonder of Creation’).

Originally commissioned by the Hippodrome Silent Film Festival (a.k.a. HippFest) in 2016, the film is a mix of fact and fantasy based on human knowledge about the universe in the 1920s.

The 10 track album is in fact drawn from four improvised live performances of the score recorded during the band’s 2016 UK tour and reduces the original 90 minute running time to around one hour.

A complete 90 minute version of the score is included with the digital album and as an additional download when purchasing the CD, available via herschel36.bandcamp.com.

The duo – Paul Harrison and Stu Brown – are known for their work on the Scottish jazz scene, but as well as working together on improvisational and experimental compositions, the pair have other diverse elements to their musical CVs – keyboard player Harrison with his own Sugarwork project as well as playing with Hue and Cry, and percussionist Brown working recently with Blue Rose Code as well as his own Twisted Toons, which reworks old cartoon themes.

More at www.facebook.com/Herschel36