HAVR re-release their recent EP ‘Some People Are Inconvenient’ as a free download.

The four tracks – ‘Voodoo’, ‘A Moment Of Clarity’, ‘Bonesaw’ and ‘Safe Space’ – are available at havr.bandcamp.com

The band – previously known as Stadium* – said: “We’ve made our EPs free on Bandcamp because we’d rather you spent your money on someone who needs it: there are lots of artists who are struggling right now, but we’re very fortunate that we’re not among them.

“We’ve included our Xmas EP too because it reminds us of slightly less scary times” – ‘Didn’t Kiss You This Christmas

“We’ll no doubt return to our greedy capitalist ways when the crisis is over ;-)”

The trio – Kenny Martin (bass), David Marshall (guitar) and Carrie Marshall (guitar/vocals) – are all originally from the West of Scotland, but with members located across the country.

Also available is debut EP ‘Bring The Good Times Back‘.

More at havrmusic.com.