Harsh Winters release a new EP, ‘Our Whispers in the Rushes’ as a Bandcamp download.

Comprising four tunes recorded during lockdown, the four track release from Luke Joyce is led by the title track, a brand new instrumental, plus three previously-released singles – ‘Roses in the Back Yard‘, ‘Oh My Bones‘ and ‘Holster‘.

The latter song features backing vocals by Seattle based artist Daniel G. Harmann, with whom Joyce was a labelmate around 10 years ago, while ‘Oh My Bones’ incorporates remotely-recorded guest vocals by Sabrina Ellie, one half of New York group Silent Wives, and drums courtesy of Cat Myers – formerly of Honeyblood and Mogwai and currently providing percussion for KT Tunstall.

All the tracks by Joyce – formerly of I Build Collapsible Mountains and The Gothenburg Address – were home-recorded during lockdown before being mastered by Finnish-based producer Robin Sutherland.

More at www.harshwinters.com / www.facebook.com/harshwinters.