Hanley and the Baird release a single, ‘Looking At You, Looking At Me’.

It follows up previous single ‘Follow the Rainbows’ by the Edinburgh-based act, which was released in April, and reached #3 in the Scottish chart as well as #27 in the UK Downloads chart.

The five-piece band is fronted by Kirsty Baird and Annette Hanley, who have worked together for 10 years – the two are also directors of the Sing in the City choirs, and Baird recently set up Chief Radio Scotland.

Available to download or stream, the single was written eight years ago and “now feels even more poignant and relevant as music and art venues around the world are deeply affected by the pandemic.”

The band also produced a video, shot at Edinburgh Festival Theatre and the Dunfermline’s Alhambra where the duo have previously performed – both of which allowed filming of additional footage while closed – as well as including footage from the now-defunct Jam House.

More at www.hanleyandthebaird.com / www.facebook.com/hanleyandbaird.