This week, it’s all about Half Man Half Biscuit‘s soujourn into Glasgow for the first time in too many years. Glasgow’s O2 ABC on Friday, you’d be crazy not to…

Apart from that most shows pale into insignificance, but Camera Obscura punt their new album Desire Lines with a show at Edinburgh’s Liquid Room. Or, in smaller surroundings, North Atlantic Oscillation are at the Electric Circus.

Up into darkest Fife, Verse Metrics play Dunfermlilne’s Wed PJ Molloys on Wednesday. They’re also at NonZeros in Dundee, on Thursday.

On Wendesday, grunge legends Mudhoney are back in Glasgow, at the O2 ABC.

A treat wrapped up in a mystery – Frog Pocket is at the Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre in Glasgow on Thursday. I have no idea where or indeed what that is but sounds fascinating… (edit: Sharmanka is a kinetic gallery (sound sculptures and the like) and the name means Barrel Organ – the correct spelling of Frog Pocket’s album Barel Orgen we presume…)

On Thursday at the Electric Circus, RM Hubbert brings his post-flamenco sounds to the capital. Also on the bill, Adam Stafford, reunited live with former Y’all is Fantasy Island man Robbie Lesuick.

Specials fans might have thought from his absence at the band’s Barras show that veteran trombonist Rico had retired, but no – to our surprise, he’s playing a solo show at Oran Mor on Friday.

As previously stated there’s only one show in town on Friday, but in the possibly misguided interests of fairness, Eugene Twist plays King Tut’s, same night, while for those unable to make it to Glasgow, Rod Jones takes his Birthday Suit to Aberdeen’s Drummonds.

Eden Festival is this weekend – near Moffat, an elcectic lioneup of “Celtic, Roots, Tango, Reggae, Swing, Klezmer, Samba, Afrobeat, Folk, Balkan, Gypsy and Ska”. Woodenbox and Smoove and Turrell are two of the wildly contrasting acts on the bill.

On Saturday, Stanley Odd and Hector Bizerk are at Oran Mor in Glasgow – this music be part of the West End Festival, I guess… as there’s a Sunday show in the same venue featuring various members of the Fence Collective – including Kid Canaveral, Randolph’s Leap, The Pictish Trail, eagleowl, Monoganon and Pip Dylan.‎

Further north, in Inverness, GoNorth takes place this weekend (just ahead of Rockness) – apart from a variety of showcases and panels and an indie record fair, there’s also a Scottish Bloggers Showcase curated by The Pop Cop, Peenko and Song Toad featuring Plum, The Yawns, Friends In America, and Garden Of Elks.

Most of the action is in the frozen north on Sunday – So Many Animal Calls play 20 Rocks in Dundee while at Farewell Singapore are at Aberdeen’s Cellar 35.