Hailey Beavis releases a collaborative EP with a difference, along with New Zealand songwriter Lydia Cole.

‘Among Horses IV’ was recorded for Spanish label Son Canciones, which delights in putting musicians in unusual situations. On this occasion, a farm “in the middle of nowhere” which acts as a retirement home for old horses.

The duo were given one week to get to know each other (and, we presume, the equine residents) and write and record five new songs.

The EP was recorded using only solar power with most of the songs being recorded in one take and without special effects – as the label says, “Straight from the soil into your headphones”.

As its title suggests, the EP is the fourth in a series, with previous releases as follows: Withered Hand & A Singer of Songs (‘Among Horses I’), Zoe Boekbinder & Dustin Hamman (‘Among Horses II’) and Haley Heynderickx & Max García Conover (‘Among Horses III’).

The EP is available to stream via Spotify as well as a limited edition CD at www.soncanciones.com.