Gunke releases his third single ‘Mum’, via Glasgow indie collective Negative Hope Records.

Available digitally, the track follows previous single ‘Football‘, from March this year.

Gunke is the solo vehicle of Luc Grindle (Dutch Wine, HEYUP, Moonsoup), with ‘Mum’ being written, performed and mastered by Luc Grindle and mixed by Melissa Brisbane.

He says of the track: “’Mum’ is all about finding yourself in a position you are unable to escape from and requiring to see difficult situations through to the end.

“Despite the more pessimistic lyrical content, I wanted to create something more optimistic for the lyrics to sit on top of.

“‘Mum’ was a good release of energy to write during a frustrating and confusing time, it helped me understand what was going on in my life so became a very positive piece to create despite the less hopeful lyrics.”

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