Gummy Stumps (Glasgow) have released an album, New House Whites, which is available as a free download / donations. The release was commissioned by G.I. Festival – a full explanation, streamable tracks and photos of the artwork by Rob Churm are public at

The album was recorded at Green Door Studio and Bridgton Practice Centre in March, and comprises new improvised works by the band.

The physical release is limited to 10 works commissioned by Glasgow International Festival of Visual Arts 2012 and are the only analogue copies in existence. Each consists of a single sided acetate dub plate housed in a specially-made hinged wooden box hand painted by Rob Churm. The inside is indented to hold the plate and lined with different coloured felt, and there is a printed booklet enclosed in every box, featuring Rob Churm drawings and Colin Stewart/Churm’s lyrics for each song on the album.

The album can be bought for £350 online here.