Well, that’s CEltic COnnections done with, pretty much, and goodness me it’s all gone quiet again.

On Monday 1st, Gretchen Petersis at Aberdeen’s Lemon Tree.

Then, it gets pretty quiet. Until Friday, when Whitley Bay’s finest, Lisbon, come to Edinburgh’s Electric Circus on Friday. Same night, Bloc Party are at the O2 ABC.

On Saturday, it’s party night – well, Jamie and Shoony are at Edinburgh’s Studio 24, Maybe a bit less cheery up the coast, at Beat Generator, it’s doomy types All Consumed.

Weirdly, Sunday is the busiest night of the week. New wave veteran Joe Jackson plays Edinburgh Queen’s Hall, while less likely to sport a grand piano are Lords of Bastard – the lovely local lads playing at Banshee Labrynth.
In Glasgow, folkie beardie Dave Arcari is at the Buchanan Memorial Hall, while ceilidh rockers JR Green are at Stirling’s Tolbooth.