Green Peppers launch a quartet of albums on the You Are The Cosmos label.

‘Retrospectively Yours’ is a compilation, available on vinyl, with some of the best of its creator, Jim McCulloch. The album includes contributions from Del Amitri’s Justin Currie and Melanie Whittle out of The Hermit Crabs, and a vocal version by McCulloch of ‘It’s Hard to Kill A Bad Thing’ which he originally wrote as
an instrumental for the Isobel Campbell / Mark Lanegan collaboration, ‘Ballad of the Broken Seas’.

The founding member of the Soup Dragons, BMX Bandits and Superstar currently records under the name Snowgoose, but Green Peppers released three albums between 2004 and 2008 – ‘Joni’s Garden’, ‘Domino Mornings’ and ‘Adventures In The Slipstream’ – and these get digital releases alongside the compilation, which has sleeve notes by Pete

The album(s) launch in Mono in Glasgow on Friday 31st March.

Green Peppers also recently recorded an acoustic session for is this music?’s digital radio show, which can be heard via listen again on Mixcloud.