Goodnight Louisa releases a new album, ‘Human Danger’.

The 11 track debut is the work of artist-producer Louise McCraw, formerly of Edinburgh quartet Skjør.

“It’s quite a rollercoaster of a record,” she says of ‘Human Danger’.

“Each of the songs is about a different aspect of human danger,” McCraw explains, “of how dangerous the world has become when we disregard others so easily, and put our own desires ahead of them.”

She relates how ‘Only A Matter Of Time’, previously titled ‘The Girls They Know It Well’ was originally a reflection on how police in 1970s Yorkshire told women to stay at home to avoid being murdered.

“After the murder of Sarah Everard, I felt even more compelled to talk about this,” McCraw says, noting the similarity of the police response five decades on.

She also talks of the background to the album’s third track, ‘Diana'” “When I was ill, I had a really strange dream where she (Lady Diana) came into my bedroom and said: ‘you’ve got to save the world, even if it kills you’,” says McCraw.

And ‘Judith’ was named after a character in Andres Muschietti’s supernatural horror It – written after a writing residency in Iceland’s Westfjords, when McCraw was armed with just a couple of reverb pedals, a laptop and a small keyboard due to baggage restrictions.

“Iceland was quite lonely and isolating,” she recalls. “There wasn’t anything else to do other than write, and most of what I worked on there actually made it on to Human Danger.”

“I wanted to capture the uncertainty of that time in Walter’s Waltz” she says, of the song’s crafting following the death of two relatives. “And in terms of loss, maybe something of the person might still be there, like they’ve been captured within the song.”

When not in her Goodnight Louisa persona, McCraw is also part of the team at Edinburgh’s Chamber Studios, a graduate of sound engineering.

“A big part of doing this is the thought there might be someone out there who is inspired,” McCraw reflects. “I’m also a softly-spoken person and I find that sometimes people tend to talk over me or don’t listen to me in some situations.

“With writing songs I find I can get my point across without people not having to interrupt, in a way that’s accessible and relatable.”

‘Human Danger’ is available on 12″ yellow vinyl as well as the usual download and streaming sources.

The album gets its official launch at Edinburgh’s Voodoo Rooms on February 12th.

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