Glassmasterer releases a new single, ‘Trouvaille’.

Along with ‘Twenty Red Kites’, the release is the work of Scottish electronic musician Lewis Bigham, whose pseudonym comes from the final stage in CD duplication, a process known as “glassmastering”.

Ironically the release, recorded in his countryside studio Neon Math, is not available physically, instead as a download or stream

The latest tracks follow a collection of singles including ‘Dawn Runner’ and ‘Until The Dust’, and a “virtual concert” film ‘Particles’.

Based in Argyll, Glassmasterer has released music under a variety of genres including hip-hop, jazz, funk and folk since 2016.

“’Trouvaille’ is French for ‘lucky find’,” Bigham says of his latest release, “which is how I see a lot of creative inspiration at the minute; having a creative outlet is so important to me at the moment.”

Of the B-side ‘Twenty Red Kites’, he adds: “The title comes from one of my friends describing a trip to an arboretum and they said that they saw ‘twenty red kites’ emerge from the trees. I told her immediately that I was going to use that for a song.”

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