Glassmasterer releases a new single, ‘Turn On The Big Machines’.

The track from Argyll-based Lewis Bigham comes with b-side ‘Olivine’, and follows on from March’s‘ track Trouvaille’.

The latest single follow a string of tunes produced during lockdown including ‘Dawn Runner’ and ‘Until The Dust’, and a “virtual concert” film ‘Particles’.

“It’s a track that I didn’t want to expend much thought on at all,” Bingham says of the new release. “I just wanted to make something hyper, mad and downright silly for a change; it only took me a few hours, which was seriously refreshing considering I usually spend months on tracks.

“Before switching on all my synthesizers I’d been listening to Squarepusher and The Prodigy, and I was picturing performing it live and how fun it would be to blast it in a club.

“For the video,” he adds, “I stole an old 70’s oscilloscope from a laboratory and fired the track through it, causing it to freak out and make interesting patterns like something from The Outer Limits.”

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