The debut EP from Glacis, on Fluid Audio, is entitled ‘Lost Again On Waking’. It’s subtitled “A Project in Music & Photography by Glacis and Heidi Kuisma” and was released as a limited run of 50 copies. Though no physical copies remain, the 5 tracks can be downloaded for £3, at

Glacis is Edinburgh based musician Euan McMeeken, while Heidi
Heidi is a photographer from Finland now living in Glasgow, Scotland, and whose name will be familiar to readers of music publications including is this music?.

The 4 sets of photographs were taken by Heidi in 2009 and interpreted by Euan as 4 pieces of ambient piano music. The sets/compositions are titled in both English and Finnish:

1. the forgotten time – unohdettu aika
2. maybe you will find me – ehkä löydät minut
3. we walk long distances through silent sleep – me kävelemme pitkiä matkoja hiljaisen unen läpi
4. you can still be beautiful – voit olla vielä kaunis

Written by Euan McMeeken, the tracks were performed by Euan and James Scott (Conquering Animal Sound/The Japanese War Effort). They were mixed by James Scott and they were mastered by Fraser McGowan (Small Town Boredom/Caught In The Wake Forever). A bonus track, the Fieldhead edit of “we walk long distances through silent sleep” is included with the release.