Not much to report this week, so please do let us know of any home-streamed gigs taking place so we can list them here!

However, on Monday 6th April, from 19:30 GMT, Spangled Cabaret – a regular Glasgow club night hosted by local purveyors of music hall glam, Scunner – will be streaming a selection of live streams and exclusive videos, at

On Thursday 9th, around 7.30pm, Fuzz Bat live stream (round 3 takes place) – broadly underground and alternative sounds including:
darsombra, Territorial Gobbing, Ali Robertson out of Usurper / Duff & Robinson, Sleet Walls, Olivia Furey, and Vee Ruins

On Friday 10th from 8pm, Andrew Taylor out of Dropkick is doing another stream live and direct from his living room – oh, and check out the video from three of the members playing separately but in unison at the Dropkick Facebook page.