Facebook may be a good way to livestream a show but it’s the shittiest way to let people know about your music – apparently Leo out of Mt. Doubt has been doing Thursday night sets from lockdown for, well, weeks, but we only discovered this by accident. Anyway, he’ll be in his piano lounge on Thursday 14th, at 7pm.

Also, starting on Thursday, Nice n Sleazy’s Next Big Streaming Weekend – the second edition – runs until Sunday with Mercury Rev, Emme Woods, and Spare Snare among the acts taking part.

Mitchell Museum are launching their new album ‘Skinny Tricks’ on Friday 15th at 7.00pm with a proper ‘gig in that Palace, Urvanovic and Tupper Werewolf will also be on the bill. be playing sets too

Also, on Friday, but a regular fixture, Angus Munro livestreaming on Facebook – and the man also behind Glamour & the Babes as well as The Great Hipster Songbook is taking requests,


Sunday at 4pm is Hamish Hawk time, the Edinburgh-based songwriter doing a live weekly set (as you should now be aware)

And sorry, we missed Dean Owens‘ ‘Indoor Troubadour‘ set as it was Sunday and we didn’t hear about it in time. However, it probably went something like this…