The usual select bunch of live entertainment on Monday 8th February – which includes Dave Arcari‘s ‘Tales From the Road’ – movies and Q&A livestream at

And in the best traditions of gig-going, the only two shows of note this week take place simultaneously! Dominic Waxing Lyrical playa live set at Edinburgh’s Traverse Theatre, going out online from 8pm on Monday 8th. It’s the latest in the Soundhouse series of streamed events, which will also see Dean Owens and Mr McFalls Chamber play similar sets in April.

Finally, in case you missed Dropkick launching their ‘Best of’ album last weekend (we did too, cough), you can watch the entire thing again.

Sleaford Mods!

Findlay Napier ‘s regular livestream should take place this Thursday – from 8pm, a ‘Bunch of Songs‘.

On Thursday 4th, from 8pm, Mt. Doubt‘s frontman Leo Bargery will most likely be playing some favourites on hislivestream – we may hold him to his promise of Black Flag covers…

Angus Munro‘s set from last week was postponed but hopefully his croaky throat will be fit and well for his Facebook stream on Saturday January 6th at 5pm.