Mondays have been a little bereft for the past… fortnight or so but now Dave Arcari‘s back with his ‘Tales From The Road’ – a selection of his self-produced behind the scenes road movies with live chat, commentary and Q&A… on Monday December 7th at 8pm (UK time).

Not too sure what this one will entail, but A New International are performing their ‘Lost and Later Songs #2’ on Saturday 12th December from 7pm – at

That seems to be it aside from crossing over into the Scottish Trad AwardsAdam Holmes, Findlay Napier and Tide Lines are all nominated so worth a view – that’s on Saturday 12th December, kicking off at 1pm so don’t be late.

Oh, and they’re usually there or thereabouts, so on Sunday 13th at 8pm you may well find a livestream from Dropkick‘s Andrew Taylor.