The gigging week starts rather late – at 7pm on Thursday 5th to be precise. But at the Stirling Tolbooth Facebook page, it’s the latest in the latest Shindig series, with SAY Award-shortlisted Cloth filmed live.

(IN case you’re wondering what’s happened to regular Monday gig week kicker-offer Dave Arcari, fear not, he’s doing shows on the 9th and 16th.

That’s it for the live shows this week apart from, on Sunday 8th, Dean Owens Songs From Buffalo Blood>/a> – at 8pm on his own Facebook page.

But in case you missed them… Bendy Toy – remember him? – performed an hour-long live stream, well worth checking out.

Similarly, Sandy out of The Poison Sisters played a mammoth solo live set live on Facebook the other night, check it out…