We’re pretty sure that Mt. Doubt‘s Wednesday night live streams are now an item as regular as the calls for BawJaws to resign, so check out the Facebook page at 8pm to hear Leo playing a set which may include a surprise cover, like last week’s did.

And a gig clash – it’s just like real life! Findlay Napier is also locked down in the ‘burgh, and on Wednesday 28th at 8pm via Facebook Live in his living room in the capital he draws us in with a promise of “talking the usual pish and singing songs with a guitar”. What’s not to like?

On Thursday 28th May, Sounds in the Suburbs are hosting a Refuweegee Volunteers on-line benefit gig. Also performing are Boo Hewerdine, Carol Laula, Paul Tasker (Doghouse Roses), Yvonne Lyon, Brian McMahon Gallagher and Tam Dean Burn. You can join via Zoom at 8pm.

Stirling Tolbooth has the final instalment of its Saturday Shindig series – Siobhan Miller accompanied by Euan Burton, performing a set in aid of Tiny Changes.

Sunday afternoons have become a time to catch a bit of live Hamish Hawk action – he seems to have moved his ‘platform’ from Facebook to Instagram, but in lieu of any more infmrmation, try those links around 4pm…

But! one hour earlier, Anna Meredith‘s album ‘Fibs’ is the subject of #TimsTwitterListeningParty – you know the drill, Tim Burgess and, we presume, Ms M chipping in to answer all your queries, from 3pm.

Similarly, Sunday evenings tend to have some Dropkick action, via the band’s Facebook page. Probably not quite as exciting as last weekend’s show, a full band affair (just about) which acted as a launch for their new album, but worth tuning in around 8.30pm…


And if you don’t mind your live music being a bit, well, pre-recorded, you can always ‘tune in’ to ballboy’s Coronavirus Live sets – Gordon Macintyre is up to edition #8 now, the latest containing a brand new tune entitled ‘Partick Thistle’… if you follow @ballboymusic on Instagram you can, we’re told, catch the sets live as they happen