Germlin – aka Joe Howe – releases a new album, ‘No Master Dynamics’.

Available on 12″ vinyl as well as download, the ten-track long-player from the Glaswegian composer and sound artist comes courtesy of Adaadat Records.

The ten tracks of “skweee inspired experimental geeksta rap” include guest vocals appearances from Kiki Hitomi from King Midas Sound and conceptual artist Hardeep Pandhal.

Since Howe put out his debut album ‘Youth Pixxel’ under the Germlin alter-ego in 2006, he has released music on various other imprints including Sound Pellegrino, Darla, Upset the Rhythm, Lo Recordings, Musique Large, Dødpop and #Feelings. His last release under his ‘own name was 2009’s ‘Thrash’r’.

HIs back catalogue also includes collaborations with the likes of lo-fi electronic duo Gay Against You, instrumental drum and synthesiser outfit Ben Butler and Mousepad, Frearson Howe (a collaboration with visual artist Annabel Frearson), and the Sunbutler and Joemus albums, both produced in conjunction with Nick Currie aka Momus.

Kiki Hitomi got me thinking about doing more Joe Germlin music after we played a show together at The Rum Shack, the time felt right somehow.

Recorded over a year ago, Howe describes the album as “a beat tape of sorts”, saying that it was inspired by doing a show with Hitomi at Glasgow’s Rum Shack venue.

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