Legendary Dundee combo Gerils have had most of their back catalogue released online, for free / pay-what-you-want download.

Compiled by Chute Records, the classic ‘lost’ self-titled debut album is now available for all to hear, plus two rarities collections and a couple of live shows.

The band were active in the early 1990s but only played live outwith Dundee once (for a show in Aberdeen with Peeps Into Fairyland. In their hometown the shared the bill with the likes of Long Fin Killie, Spare Snare, Yul Peter, Laeto, A.C. Acoustics and Voight Kampff. However, their legacy lives on with many local acts including some of those listed above citing them as an influence on their work.

The lo-fi recordings – made on four-track and largely recorded live – feature Jim Kane on vocals and guitar, Mike Kane on guitar, John Weir on drums, and bassist Scott Wilkie, with Derek Ramsay on saxophone.