Gerils release an archive six-track EP, ‘Tape’, as a download via Chute Records.

The band originally intended to release ‘Director’s Cut’ – recorded and mixed by Gerry Mitchell of Boo Hooray – as a single in the late 1990s, but instead, the track is finally coming out Chute, because, the label’s Jan Burnett says, “it needs to be heard.”

There are five other tunes on the EP – ‘Notes From Hell’, ‘Barry O’, ‘Sins’, ‘Jerry’ and ‘Today’.

Versions of five of the EP’s tracks – excluding ‘Today’ – also appear on a recently re-released Gerils album.

The Dundonian underground legends – Mike Kane, Jim Kane, John Weir and Scott Wilkie – have been cited as heavily influential by various acts form the city, including Spare Snare – who operate Chute – and Magnetic North Pole, whose frontman Alex Botten recently unearthed the recordings while remastering the ‘100 Members’ compilation album, which also features the band.

All six tracks were recorded live on a 4-track tape recorder owned by Peter Moug, who also played guitar on ‘Today’ and organ on ‘Jerry’.

Of the single-that-never-was, Mike Kane says: “‘Directors Cut’ was the only track we ever recorded the instruments separately… which freaked us out when he asked us to record that way… we react off each other…”